Today I’m a guest writer at Carrie’s place, Views from Nature, while she is on a much needed vacation. Please, stop by over there to say ‘hi.”

A splash of color

I spent most of last week moving in slow motion. I had a routine medical procedure that took three days to prep, submit, and recover. It wasn’t drastic, or traumatic, just too freakin’ time consuming. So, once the weekend arrived, I took full advantage of the gorgeous weather – sunshine, cool breezes, and fluffy clouds… More A splash of color

Honey-do list

What does she do all day, just play on her laptop? I work like a dog and still have to putz around at home. “Hey, I cycled the laundry and fed the cats!” Why does he do that? Do I announced every chore I finish? Maybe I should show him my list. I don’t get… More Honey-do list