I look like I know what I’m doing. Black rubber-encased camera with a custom-made neck strap; a 55-200mm zoom expertly twisted into place; long hair expertly encased in a black ball cap; capped off by a tan field vest with its many pockets filled with prime lenses, filters, and batteries – I am the very… More Reflecting

The interview

I had interviewed authors before, but this one was going to be more difficult than anything else I’d done. At least with other writers whose work I didn’t like, because they wrote about an uninteresting topic or a literary genre I found dull, I could still find a way to make the review compelling. I… More The interview

Crossing the line

Living in Northwest Florida, I’m within an hour of the Alabama border. I’ve about exhausted the state parks around here, so thought I’d take a drive to visit a park in Florala which is just over the state line. Florala ~ get it? FLORida and ALAbama, FLORALA? The park isn’t very big, and other than… More Crossing the line

Love letters

Before Internet, before email, they wrote love letters to each other. She tied them with a red ribbon, secreting them away in the rafters of the attic so they wouldn’t scandalize their children. A little Trifecta lagniappe, or a Trifextra, for the weekend. A love story challenge, written in only 33 words. Backstory: my husband… More Love letters