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My own jailer

Knowing our volatile history it was an understandable question. A simple statement of a few short words.

Yet, it was that one word that caught me off guard, instead of “leave,” or “runaway,” which would imply I have power over my fate. That it’s simply a matter of walking out.

By its mere definition – fraught with words like “dangerous” and “control” – clearly it’s more complicated. It can’t be a spur of the moment decision. Plans must be made, and secrets kept.

“Why don’t you escape?”

I’m in a Hell partly of my own making, and I am my own jailer.

The 100 Word Challenge, a writing prompt created by Velvet Verbosity, takes a single theme to tell a story in only 100 words ~ no more, no less. This week’s theme is ‘Escape.’

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  1. What Carrie said . . . and all too often the one trying to escape blames herself and is blamed by others for: trying to leave/escape; or not trying to leave/escape. This is a great look into that mind-set. Thanks.


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