Dangerous sweetness

Pitcher plants, carnivorous flora that despite its outward beauty, has a hidden homicidal nature. They tempt their prey with sweet nectar, only to drown them in that loveliness and consume them.

Like these man-eaters, there are people in our lives, pulling us in with their saccharine words, their sweet but deadly nature. Devouring us when we least expect it. Try as we might, fight as we might, we cannot disentangle ourselves from their embrace.

The only way to survive is to recognize them for what they are – dangerous, all-consuming, toxic. We can admire them from afar, but cannot allow them to entrapped us in their drama.

11 thoughts on “Dangerous sweetness

  1. Wonderful analogy and so true…I’ve been caught in that snare before. Sometimes you ust don’t see what it is until it’s too late. Love this :)


  2. Uh, wow, and yes, great analogy, Tara! Also, I’m still loving hunting for the copyright…yes…I am easily amused, thanks :)


  3. I know those types of plants, err, people & I’m really proud to sy that I don’t have any in my life anymore. And it’s a beautiful feeling. Love the photo!


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